Important Notice - To Estate Agency Members

Signage Solutions Group (Pty) Ltd is a new branding company with tons of experience, huge passion, and unique ideas to support the estate agency industry. Its sole purpose is to bring you an exciting service and network support that is not only original, and in a cost-effective means to your industry, but on a previously unavailable national level.

The real business function of Signage Solutions will be dedicated towards the manufacture and national distribution of estate agency signage with the support of IEASA. While our prime function will be the standard 600 x 400 mm Correx boards complete with eyelets, we intend to build on other products pertinent to the property and estate agent industry, one of the major concerns for John, having worked in a coastal seaside town, was the nickel-plated metal eyelets that with our sea air, they do rust fast in an outdoor environment. We are taking the standard 600 x 400 mm Correx agent board to another level having acquired a new recyclable clear plastic eyelet which not only outlasts the sign while leaving no rust streaks down the face, but the eyelet being clear, will not distract the branding in any way.  

We have created a network support base with a large well established associate operation catered to our national quest with IEASA able to deliver signage across South Africa to reach agencies without this kind of support in the remotest of areas.

My partner in this venture has 25 years of experience managing production and deliveries on a personal level with some of the largest brands in the property field, producing on a monthly average as much as +10,000 units of popular size 600 x 400 mm agent boards. In those days it was screen-printing of colour by colour, where today we have a far superior, fast to produce Digital printing full-colour method, meaning a much faster service.

 We are in the process of setting up our website dedicated to the core business of estate agent boards and products pertinent to the industry. This does not mean we will ignore supporting other products and services in signage, to which we have extreme experience and passion for the overall industry.


Our Shopping basket is now open to business with plenty of useful Standard products and custom products designed to your branding needs. For now, for us to offer you what you will enjoy below, and much more as we grow this unique service for you, we do need the all-important support of IEASA members.


You will have received from IEASA a newsletter telling you about us and directing you to our website Where you will get to see what we are all about our services and how we can help you receive products fast and efficient at very affordable prices. What we need is for you to fill in a short questionnaire from which we can assess the future support we can exclusively offer you as how we can add savings and incentives for the future.


These are just some of the benefits we can offer to best support your industry.

  1. Affordable, cost-effective prices with many added savings.
  2. Free nationwide courier service with orders over R750
  3. Low market-related design costs.
  4. No Setup Fees, no colour mixing charges.
  5. Discounts negotiated prices on regular/supportive ordering.
  6. No Minimum Quantity – Order as you wish, the more you order the less you will pay.
  7. Any Design – with full-colour printing, you can order any design.
  8. Different designs – No charge if you require several images, you pay per board.
  9. Clear eyelets cost little difference to metal eyelets.
  10. We will allow a group of agents to buy together to meet the free courier service and the same should the collective volume collate to the next discount level regardless of how many designs/images.

By changing our BUSINESS direction to online shopping as the safest world, we can dedicate our support fast and more efficient by putting our time and effort nationally to your benefit.

More details and products will be available as we regularly update our website on all other signage products. We believe our website will be dedicated to a better service for estate agents across South Africa with news and details and support to ensure a website is regularly updating you with exciting features for our important clientele.

See our Mugs, Banners, Flags, bunting and Magnetic Vehicle signs

Your pleasure is about our best service support

 Director report
 Robin Pike